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Individual online learning with teacher

Learning foreign languages is a fascinating journey that gives you numerous possibilities to explore the world, meet inspiring people, and fulfil your dreams. We welcome you to join us in this exciting journey with unexpected twists which require adequate preparation and the professional support that we offer – anytime and wherever you are.

Individual GoNotes from every lesson!

Taking notes is an essential element to learning a foreign language. The great news is you don’t have to create them for yourself! We’ll do it for you! You can choose an option to get individual notes from lessons. After every lesson, your teacher will provide you with all the words and  phrases that were used in the lesson in an electronic form. They are available via mobile devices and can be listened to as mp3s. Thanks to this option, you can review the material in a pleasant way wherever you are and whenever you want.

Individual virtual class!

We will create your own virtual class reserved only for you. This class is available only for you and your personal teacher. Thanks to that, you will be able to use all the contents created during the lesson wherever you are and whenever you would like to.

Individual schedule of classes!

You don’t have to adjust to a rigid schedule of classes. You and your teacher will prepare the optimal schedule of classes for both of you. You can have one hour, two or even 10 hours a week. Everything depends only on you. What is more, you aren’t locked into a contract with us. You are only obliged to pay for the classes that you have scheduled in a given month. You can withdraw at any time.

Your success - our satisfaction

Your personal teacher will examine your learning needs and create the optimal conditions to assist you to reach your learning goals. You don’t have to adapt to other students’ level any more. You will learn only the things that you need and that bring you closer to achieving your desired objective.
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How it works?

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