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Gift vouchers

You are welcome to use the special offer of personalized gift vouchers allowing you to give the gift in the form of GoBest language course to your employees, business partners or your close friends.
How can I buy the voucher?
1. Send the information concerning basic voucher parameters at the address or using the contact form: its value and number of hours, course name (e.g. English language, French language) and first name and last name of the  gift recipient. The voucher can be also be made out as a bearer voucher - so there is no need to give a first name and last name.
2. We send you the invoice with the voucher amount.
3. After payment, we will send you paper voucher at the address indicated by you. The lessons from the voucher can be conducted within 1 year from the date of voucher purchase.
The voucher contents could be found on the website.