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The online language school GoBest was founded in 2011 by two experienced language teachers Danuta and Wojciech Łojan and it was soon recognized among Polish and foreign Clients (i.e. from Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain, USA, India, Turkey, Romania, Spain, and Italy). The majority of our Clients are professionals who appreciate quality, highly personalised services and modern methods of learning that meet today’s challenges of language education. The language school GoBest's practises are based on the conviction that quality is the most important factor in education.
I think that studying in GOBEST was the best thing I've ever done. Method is sensational and very quickly you learn nagielskiego. Teachers explained everything... Łukasz (Brazill)
Learning with GoBest was a rewarding experience for me because it offered a customized learning program specifically tailored to my needs. With the use of virtual... Julide (Turkey)
GoBest offers an extremely robust service for one-on-one language learning.  The interactive sessions are suitable regardless of language level and keep the... Andras (USA)
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