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How it works

The individual courses in GoBest are high-quality one-to-one live classes with your personal teacher via the Internet (only you and your teacher) which are conducted in the virtual classroom. GoBest also provides  you with a comprehensive, modern and very efficient method of learning foreign languages due to new technologies, appropriate teaching materials, and tools which support learning.
ALL you need to join the individual courses offered by GoBest is the following:
1. Computer with Internet access (the virtual classroom is in a special website created only for you that doesn’t require any additional software. Everything you need is a standard browser such as Firefox, Opera or Chrome).
2. Skype installed on your computer (audio communication with teacher is via Skype).
What do the lessons look like? – basic information:
1. Your teacher contacts you via Skype at a scheduled time.
2. You log in to the virtual classroom which is accessible only by you and your teacher.
3. You participate in the lesson using a wide range of teaching materials prepared by your teacher – i.e. films, photos, audio recordings, pictures.
4. The material covered during the lesson as well as other additional materials are in the virtual classroom and are accessible anytime and wherever you are.
5. After every lesson, you are given access to individual materials and notes (GoNotes, GoCards) corresponding to the content of the lesson designed and conducted especially for you.
6. After every lesson, you can access the GoBest learning platform with additional inspiring materials as well as other tools improving the effectiveness of learning.
The individual courses with GoBest provide a number of benefits. Here are just a few:
1. You save your time and money thanks to quicker results (in comparison to the group courses) – the curriculum and learning rate are adapted to your individual needs, which significantly raises the level of learning efficiency.
2. You learn wherever you want and whenever you want – you have the access to the virtual classroom at any time and from any place.
3. You can contact with other GoBest clients from all around the world thanks to your own social networking platform.
4. You can easily manage your homework and you have the access to additional, inspiring teaching materials from special GoBest learning platform.
5. You stay motivated and take pleasure in learning between the lessons – after every lesson, GoBest creates lesson notes in paper or electronic form esspecially for you.
6. You can take advantage of every break in your daily activities to learn – thanks to the ability to access your notes from your tablet or smartphone.
7. You effectively use the slots (60-minute slot allows the teacher to conduct the lesson).
8. You can participate in the lessons in your favourite place, clothes and position (you don’t have to see the teacher).
Z wielka przyjemnoscia polecam nauke jezykow obcych w szkole GoBest. Osobiscie skupilam sie na konwersacjach w jezyku  angielskim, poniewaz moim celem bylo... Asia (Schwitzerland)
I think that studying in GOBEST was the best thing I've ever done. Method is sensational and very quickly you learn nagielskiego. Teachers explained everything... Łukasz (Brazill)
They offer customized lessons comprised of what I feel is important to learn. The virtual classroom and audio sessions stimulate every type of learning style, not to... Gabrielle (USA)
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