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Danuta Łojan, lektor
Danuta Łojan german language
Having graduated from the Jagiellonian University majoring in German Philology, she has been teaching German language to children, adolescents and adults. Currently, she specialises in teaching German in English. She is passionate about music, physics and universe infiniteness. She thinks that German is like computer strategic game: logical, involving and full of traps. However, if you go through all the levels, the satisfaction is guaranteed. She is an optimist with an endless smile on her face. Tolerance and an open mind are the most important things for her. That is why, she loves teaching people from all over the world. She always repeats that if something disturbs you and you can change it – work on it, and if you cannot influence something – just accept and don’t bother.
Being in Danuta´s class never feels like school. She makes you feel comfortable and introduces the most boring grammar in a fun way. Using movies, exercises and mostly plain conversation she takes you on a journey through the German language. Alexander, Belgium, Physicist
Learning with GoBest was a rewarding experience for me because it offered a customized learning program specifically tailored to my needs. With the use of virtual classroom, multimedia, and interesting/ contemporary topics, the lessons were very interactive and to the point. If you are looking for a language development program but not sure how to fit it in your already full schedule, I would totally recommend GoBest, it offers convenience and flexibility. The teacher Danuta was always ready to go an extra step to help you reach your goal. Julide, Turkey
Danuta jest wspaniałą nauczycielką i wspaniałą osobą. Na lekcjach zawsze uśmiechnięta, jednocześnie potrafi wprowadzić luźną atmosferę i realizować materiał. Jestem klientem od ponad roku i ucząc się od zera potrafię się już swobodnie (w miarę) komunikować. Grzegorz, Poland
Danuta has managed the impossible by helping me to enjoy learning German. I’ve found her lessons to be well prepared and focused to your learning requirements, recognising your strengths and weaknesses which helps you to develop faster with each lesson and also increases your confidence. She is also very friendly and helpful which is what you need when learning German. Darren, UK, Engineer
During the last 5 months that I have had Danuta as my online German teacher so now I can say that i finally think that German actually has rules and I found the German grammar fun :) . Thanx to Danuta's way of teaching which i think is good that she tried to learn about my personality and then adjust her way of teaching that is good for me and helped me to learn a lot. She is always happy full of energy motivation and inspiration.  Thanx to Danuta I don't think that German is difficult and boring any longer :) Ghadir, Iran-Sweden, Engineer
Danuta is a very competent teacher with a really efficient method of teaching, based on constant repetition of previously lesson learnt, balanced with useful and stimulating new learnings. At the same time, she is able to established a friendly and professional environment, essential for a proficient learning. Alessandro , Italy, Engineer
Danuta, jest najzwyczajniej w swiecie, nauczycielem z powolania, ktoremu zalezy na tym aby uczeń jak najwiecej wyniosl z lekcji. Jest osobą punktualną i systematyczną. Na każdych zajęciach sprawdza wiedzę i nigdy nie odpuszcza, co dla mnie jest wielkim plusem i ogromną mobilizacją. Podchodzi do każdego bardzo indywidualnie, swietnie trafiając w zrożnicowane potrzeby rożnych uczniów. Program realizuje calościowo dzieląc czas na gramatykę, fonetykę oraz pisownię - w miarę możliwosci omawiając wszystko w języku niemieckim, tak aby mieć z nim jak najwiekszą styczność. Gorąco polecam! Joanna, Poland, German
They offer customized lessons comprised of what I feel is important to learn and where Danuta sees I need improvement. The virtual classroom and audio sessions stimulate every type of learning style, not to mention convenient for someone who already has a full schedule but would still like to learn another language. Danuta not only captures your attention, but also shares many tips and tricks to help you master those rules you may find impossible. I see a great improvement not only in my capabilities to read, write, and speak German, but also in my confidence when doing so. Gabrielle, USA
I have been learning with Danuta for over a year and she has always done a great job of customizing the curriculum to my needs.  She understands how a specific individual learns and what their goals are and tailors the training tools and content according to these considerations. She provides great motivation through her fun sessions, prepares extremely well and therefore produces great results! Andras , USA, Manager
Frau Danuta, świetnie motywuje do zajęć, nie trzyma się oklepanych schematów i potrafi się świetnie dopasować do Twoich potrzeb. Na następną lekcję czekasz z niecierpliwością. Nauka bezstresowa ale wymagająca. Dla tych którzy chcą się nauczyć POLECAM ! Paweł, Poland
Danuta is a very warm, kind and professional teacher who cares about you her student and makes an effort to know you personally. I would describe Danuta’s teaching style as informal and conversational as she guides you through the exercises while asking questions which challenge you to remember what you have learnt in your previous lessons, which I have found really effective at reinforcing what I was learning. Danuta explains rules and grammar in a very clear and succinct way and provides excellent feedback while you are learning; demonstrating her strong abilities as a teacher and communicator. I continue to recommend Danuta and to all of my friends who are looking for a flexible and enjoyable way to learn German. Robert , UK, Software Engineer
Danuta jest wyjatkową nauczycielką, z bardzo ciepłym i pozytywnym podejściem do uczniów. Jej zajęcia są zawsze profesjonalnie przygotowane oraz przemyślane, co pozwala mi (uczniowi) na owocne spędzenie czasu w super towarzystwie :) Jacek, Poland, Business Process Consultant
I have been taking online private courses from Danuta for more than 6 months now. I can easily say that she is a true professional. We always spend full time focused in the subject and she is always punctual. The best aspect of those private lessons for me is that I never feel uneasy or obliged to do anything. She is an open minded and easygoing teacher. I would recommend you to try the two trial lessons and see for yourself. Güray , Turkey, Engineer
Danuta is a fantastic teacher. She noticed immediately what were my weakest and my strongest points in german and established from them an outstanding way to emphasize my oral skills. She has a smart way of transforming boring grammatical rules into interactive and entertaining exercises. And most of all, she rebooted my confidence and I have no longer fears in expressing myself in german. Besides that, she is an extremely lovely person and we became real friends over the months even if we didn’t get the chance to meet in person yet. I can only speak of her in the most favorable way. Lena , France, Architect
Moja lektorka Danusia cudownie ciepła osoba, czuję się na lekcjach jak na jakimś miłym spotkaniu towarzyskim, aż chce się uczyć. Jadwiga, Poland
Danuta, już od świtu zaraża entuzjazmem, pozytywną energią i uśmiechem. Zawsze wprawia mnie w dobry nastrój a lekcje z nią to czysta przyjemność. Ilona , Poland, MBA Student
The teacher really engage the student in the course as she is a friendly, funny and a good lecturer. The classes are very well organised with clear objectives in each lesson. Also, the teacher explains very clear the content and is very well prepared for each lesson. The material is very good and the audios are very useful. Also, the idea of having access to the material the whole gives the student lot of possibilities to review the content after the classes. I would really recommend this teacher to any other student. Angel , Spain, Engineer