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Tomasz Szyszka, lektor
Tomasz Szyszka english language
He studied English philology at Uniwersytet Warmińsko-Mazurski, where he discovered and developed his passion for the English language. Since he has always appreciated creativity and out of the box thinking, he constantly finds new, interesting ways of sharing his knowledge as he wants to make sure that his students are being entertained while developing their language skills with the speed of light. Whenever his mind is not occupied with English, he plans bike trips as he loves discovering unknown places and spending time being surrounded by nature. As befits a humanist, he often drifts away into the world of books and ambitious movies. In his spare time, he turns into an instrument beatboxing.
Tomek? Najlepszy z najlepszych! Genialny i mega cierpliwy nauczyciel dla  "dorosłej młodzieży" po czterdziestce :-) Ale nie musisz mi wierzyć, sam/sama się przekonaj! Polska, English, Paweł