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Terms and conditions of GOBEST courses

These are the terms and conditions of GOBEST Online Language School functioning and are an integral part of the offer. Only by accepting these regulations, can you enrol for any language course via the Internet.
Organiser: the organiser of language courses via the Internet is GOBEST Online Language School  run by GOBEST.PL Danuta Łojan, NIP (tax identification number): 735-222-35-24, REGON (statistical identification number): : 122716570, with its registered office at Siekierkowska 27/51, 00-709 Warszawa.
Client – a natural person or the natural person indicated by legal person (legal guardian, parent) who paid for a language course.
Tariff: the tariff of language courses via the Internet available at in the tab Courses for you/foreign language/prices includes the fees for a single individual lesson of 60 minutes or a single individual lesson of 50 minutes with individual notes GoNotes and e-GoNotes created during the lesson and handed over to the Client. In case of any separate tariffs for a Teacher, this information is available in the tab How we teach/our teachers after selecting a given Teacher.
Basic information
1.1. The Organiser (Tel. 796 22 22 52, e-mail: answers any questions or explains any doubts connected with rules herein.
1.2. The Organiser conducts individual or group foreign language courses via the Internet. The courses are conducted throughout the whole calendar year.
1.3. Every Client, who has not used the Organiser’s services before, is entitled to take advantage of one free trial lesson presenting i.e. the way of conducting the course. During the lesson, the Teacher gets to know the Client and their needs in order to align the subject matter, way of teaching and used materials with the Client’s individual needs.
1.4. The fees are paid on a monthly basis; it means that the Client pays for the course for each month in advance.
1.5. Every lesson is conducted via the Internet by qualified Teacher of foreign language.
1.6. The beginning of the lesson is considered to be the moment when the Teacher starts talking with the Client via Skype at a scheduled hour.
1.7. The standard lesson unit lasts 60 minutes, excluding the lesson which was longer or shorter according to the individual arrangements made with the Client.
1.8. The standard lesson unit can last 50 minutes if the Client declares that they want to receive individual notes GoNotes and e-GoNotes from the lesson. Such a request may be reported during each lesson and no later than in fiftieth minute of the lesson from which the notes GoNotes i e-GoNotes are to be prepared.
1.9. The Organiser concludes the oral contract with the Client to conduct the foreign language course via the Internet with a selected Teacher at a scheduled time. The payment shall be the final confirmation of enrolling for a course. 
1.10. The Organiser makes every effort to ensure that the trial lesson is conducted as soon as possible after Client’s registration. However, in duly justified cases, this period may be extended up to 30 days. If there are no more teachers available, the Client will be informed about it by telephone or e-mail.
Teaching materials
2.1. The Organiser provides the Client with the access to virtual classroom.
2.2. The Client should purchase the books indicated by the Teacher after final decisions regarding the curriculum. The Organiser makes every effort to make the process of book purchase simpler.
 2.3. The materials that are available to the public online are also used during the course, and the Client does not pay for these materials.
2.4. The materials are presented during the classes thanks to the virtual classroom, screen sharing option or other adapted tools.
Lesson schedule and delays
3.1. Lesson schedule (days of the week, hours) of every Client is arranged individually with a Teacher. The times of lessons may be fixed or flexible. The Client shall inform the Teacher about planned number of classes in the next month by the twentieth day of each month before the preceding month. On this basis, the Organiser issues the invoice to the Client.
3.2. In case of group lessons, every lesson begins at scheduled time at the moment of contacting with one of the group course participants, without having to wait for the rest of Clients.
3.3. Client’s and Teacher’s delays:
3.3.1. Client’s delay: the delay time is subtracted from the duration of lesson. The time that was missed cannot be made up in another date or cannot be refunded. If the Client does not appear at the scheduled time under Skype name on Skype within 15 minutes from the beginning of the planned lesson, the lesson shall be deemed to have been conducted. The exception is when the Client informs the Teacher about being late and asks to start the class later. Starting the lesson later shall not mean that the lesson time is extended. Then, the lesson will end at the time that was scheduled earlier.
3.3.2. Teacher’s delay: the Teacher’s delay time is added to the lesson time or shall be added to another lesson in the future. If the Teacher doesn’t appear within 15 minutes from the beginning of planned lesson, the Client is entitled to arrange the date of another lesson instead. The Client doesn’t bear any additional costs. The Client shall promptly inform the Organiser about this situation by telephone or via e-mail
Changes in lesson schedule, lesson postponing
4.1. The Client can ask the Teacher or the Organiser to change the lesson schedule temporarily or permanently. The Client can do it once a month. The Teacher should be informed about it no later than 7 days before this change. The Teacher’s consent depends on their accessibility. If there are no available hours, the Organiser will provide the Client with a replacement.
4.2. Every Client is entitled to postpone the lesson without any charge after giving the reason.
4.3. The plan to postpone the lesson shall be reported to the Teacher (after having fixed the communication channel with the Teacher) or the Organiser by e-mail or telephone no later than 48 hours before beginning the lesson. We do not accept postponing the lessons via Skype because the Teacher or the Organiser don’t receive the message if they are not logged in. The lesson that is postponed via Skype shall be treated as a conducted lesson and the Client bears the costs.
4.4. If the Client doesn’t appear without informing about lesson cancellation or lesson postponing the same day as the lesson or shortly before its planned beginning, the Organiser is entitled to treat such a lesson as conducted. In such a case, the Client shall bear all costs.
4.5. Every postponed lesson shall be made up for at the time arranged with the Teacher, which is convenient for both Parties within 7 days counting from the moment of its postponing.
4.6. The lesson can be also made up for by adding appropriate amount of minutes (e.g. 10, 15, 20 or 30 minutes) to next one, two or more lessons.
5.1. The payments for the course are made on a monthly basis in advance.
5.2. The payments are made by a bank transfer to the Organiser’s account or by the PayPal system.
5.3. The invoices are sent to the client by electronic message to the indicated e-mail address on 25th day of each month with 7-day payment period (for instance the invoice for July is sent on the 25th of June with the payment date on the 2nd of July).
5.4. After the first free trial lesson and enrolling for the course, the Client receives from the Organiser the exact data provided on the invoice that are necessary to transfer money. The invoice will be sent by e-mail to the address indicated by the Client.
5.5. Having received the bank details, or as soon as possible, the Client shall pay for course for the whole calendar month in advance counting from the day on which the first paid lesson will take place, for instance if the Client begins the course in the middle of month, they will pay only for lessons that will take place in the current month.
5.6. The first paid lesson within the course may be conducted only after booking the payment on the account of the Organiser.
5.7. The lesson schedule for the following month shall be set by the 20th day of each month with the Teacher – the Teacher hands over this information to the Organiser. The fee for the course is counted on the basis of the number of lessons planned by the Client and the Teacher for the following calendar month.
Technical requirements
6.1. To participate in the online language course, the Client shall have the following:
•an operational computer with access to broadband Internet,
•installed Skype (the latest version is optimal),
•installed one of the Internet browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer or other (the latest version is optimal) with an the up-to-date version of Flash plug. The Flash browser is a preferred one.
6.2. The detailed information concerning the technical requirements is reported to every Client by e-mail before the free trial lesson begins.
Withdrawing from the course
7.1. The Client is entitled to withdraw from the course, including withdrawal without prior notice. Such a withdrawal from the course is possible only after using the paid amount, it means after the paid calendar month ends.
7.2. The client shall inform the Organiser about withdrawing from the course by telephone (48 796 22 22 52) or sending an e-mail to
7.3. In special circumstances that prevent the Client from participating in the course, it is possible to withdraw by the end of the calendar month. In such a case, the payment for the classes that weren’t conducted shall be transferred to the bank account determined by the Client within 21 days from the day of withdrawal from the course. The transfer amount may be possibly reduced by transfer fee according to the bank tariffs. 
Technical problems
8.1. In case of any technical problems of the Client (for instance computer breakdown, Internet cut) that prevent the Teacher from conducting the lesson at scheduled time, the Client should inform the Organiser by telephone (+48 796 22 22 52) or via e-mail from another device as soon as possible before the lesson begins. Every Client is entitled to cancel one lesson without any charge one time per semester (First semester: 1 September – 1 March; second semester: 1 March – 1 September) due to technical problems on their part. For every cancellation of the lesson due to technical problems of the Client, the fee amounting to 50% of the standard lesson is charged. The remaining 50% of the lesson time may be made up for after scheduling a date with the Teacher (see point Changes of lesson schedule, lesson postponing). 
8.2. In case of any technical problems of the Teacher, the Client is entitled to make up the lesson without any charge in the amount equal to the amount of lessons that didn’t take place due to these problems.
8.3. The lessons that didn’t take place due to the Teacher’s technical problems cannot be exchanged for cash.
9.1. At the request of the Client, the Organiser shall issue the internal certificate confirming the completion of the course at a given level of language proficiency. 
9.2. The certificate includes the assessment being the arithmetic average of all the marks of the Client during the course.
9.3. The certificates are sent free of charge by traditional mail to the address indicated by the Client. 
10.1. The client is entitled to file a complaint or claim against the Teacher if the course level is not satisfying.
10.2. The complaint may be sent via e-mail to or by traditional mail to the Organiser’s address. The complaint shall include: first name and last name of the Client, first name and last name of the Teacher concerned and complaint justification.
Final provisions
11.1. By paying and/or starting the course, the Client accepts the regulations and confirms the oral agreement to take part in the language course at a scheduled time.
11.2. The Organiser reserves the right to change the present regulations.
11.3. The Client is entitled to change a Teacher after notifying the Organiser by telephone or e-mail.
11.4. The Organiser reserves the right to change a Teacher after informing the Client about such a decision.