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Individual courses GoBest PREMIUM
Italian language

The individual courses GoBest PREMIUM are addressed to Clients who appreciate the individual, flexible and comprehensive approach to Italian language learning. The classes with teachers specialising in individual teaching are conducted via the Internet in the virtual classroom. What is more, every Client has access to GoStudent learning platform featuring individual materials apart from the materials from the lessons with a teacher. The efficiency of our method is further increased thanks to a range of additional services and solutions. Every lesson is an inspiring and motivating experience that brings you closer to achieving your goals.

Lessons in a virtual classroom

The classes with the teacher take place via Internet in the virtual classroom prepared specially for  you where you can find all the materials and notes from all the previous classes.
The virtual class offers a number of functionalities that are beneficial to use this solution in foreign language learning.

GoNotes - inividual notes

The individual, unique notes GoNotes feature a service that gives you the possibility to receive from your teacher the vocabulary and phrases that were problematic for you during the lesson or you really want to learn them. These cards consist of small cards (flashcards) are a very comfortable method of learning. Take advantage of one free and non-binding trial lesson to be convinced about how effective vocabulary learning could be.

E-GoCards and e-GoNotes on your smartphone and tablet

You can have the notes and vocabulary GoNotes and GoCards with you all the time thanks to electronic version of these services. Thus, you can learn without any paper notes, just sitting at your computer and then by clicking one button you can synchronize the data with your mobile device and go on learning when travelling.